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When you are selling your house in Tampa bay area and select us to help us, Our Team takes over a huge number of tasks and details to make sure that the house is properly evaluated, priced, marketed, negotiated and carried to closing.

There are so many things to do to move to a successful sale, and we are here to assist you. Let’s go over the process with us:

CMA, Comparative Market Analysis
 With this tool we help our clients to value their property using current listing, pending and past sold comparable property prices. Knowing the competition prices, we can set a competitive listing price because the property that is not priced well will leave money on the table for our sellers or cause the property stay on the market for a long time and do not sale.
Market Conditions

Your Tampa Bay Team provides you with regular market updates to keep you in the loop because markets change daily so the supply and demand that may cause that your price needs to be adjusted.
Price Negotiations
If you allow us to make a proper house valuation, your house will be just a few on the market and that means you’ll be seeing a buyer with a contract soon. We will help you to sale the house at the better price possible with the fewest concessions.    

Inspections & Repair Negotiations
Once the buyer completes their inspection, they often object to things discovered and request corrective action that involves expense to the seller. We’re here to work with you and help to keep the deal alive with the less possible expenses.
Contract to Closing Process
There are a lot of tasks involved in taking a seller side transaction from contract through closing. We’re on top of all of them to make sure your transaction will successful close.

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