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One service that we believe is extremely important is helping our listing clients to objectively evaluate their homes for marketability, this is the reason we go much more into the detail of the features and condition of your home.
We will work with you to do a thorough inspection of your home with a whole lot of details in mind. Every buyer who sees your home will be comparing it to the competition. How your home compares is critical to how soon you sell it and at what price. We’re going to work with you in several areas of concern:

Interior features & characteristics -You do need to objectively compare them in order to end up with a listing price that will get your property sold.

Floor plan

Built date and obsolescence

Floors & walls condition, paint, etc.

Kitchen features

Room sizes

Lighting, skylights, windows

Exterior –When a prospective buyer first drives up in front of your home, they’re going to get a first impression that is very important. We help you to look at things like landscaping, exterior paint and condition. Here is an area in which small expenditures can yield big results. It’s a fact that some buyers will ask to leave without ever stepping across if they get a bad first impression.

Condition – Minor repairs can also make a major difference. Many buyers assume that a need for minor repairs indicates a general lack of fundamental maintenance over time. So, we’re honest with you about things that we see, and buyers will see and consider in their evaluation. we’ll let you know what we believe is important and make suggestions.

Our Team is here to be sure that your home enters the market in the best competitive position.

Fill the form and we will give you an objective evaluation of your property.

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