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We love helping Tampa Bay buyers to find the perfect property, but a great contract can involve other seller concessions and find the right deal at the best price and best terms.

CMA (Comparative Market Analysis)
Our Team will help you to make the better price offer collecting the market data to help our buyers in their price negotiations. This data involves sold property prices by neighborhood, current listing and prices of the pending houses.
This data is called a Comparative Market Analysis and consist in, the comparison of the property you’re considering to similar properties recently sold, active and pending in the nearby area.  This gives us an image of what has happened in the near past and what is happening now in the nearby market so that we can adjust our valuation model and our offer to reflect the current market situation.

Communication about your situation

Understanding your motivations and financial capabilities through communication is the only way we can help you with the right price negotiation strategy with the highest probability of success.

Seller motivation investigation

It is not always possible to know the motivation of the sellers to sell the house, but always there are some clues on the listings that will allow us to help you to negotiate from a position of strength.

Not everything is about money

Sometimes the seller doesn’t have a lot of ability to work with you on price, but they can make other concessions that could result in a deal. We help you to take the best approach.

Knowing when the negotiation is over

Many real estate price negotiations involve multiple counter offers and a lot of back–and–forth because we can’t know the seller’s financial limitations in many deals, some buyers think they have the best deal when they cut a major low-priced deal on a home, but then after inspections they won’t have any seller cooperation related to repairs.  The negotiation to purchase a home isn’t over with the price on the contract, and it’s best to know that a real deal at the front could result in less flexibility after inspections in the repairs discussion.
Our Team   is right there with our Tampa Bay Area Real Estate buyers throughout the negotiation process with the latest information and experienced advice.

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